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It's All About Attitude!

This weekend I was surprised when I hit a bump in the road while biking and ended up in a huge brush filled with poison ivy, thorns and pricker bushes! Shocked as I was lying there, I wondered WOW! How did that happen? Then I thought, let me get out of this brush as fast as I can before I get poison ivy or thorns all over me! Sure, I was pretty ripped up and I could have easily quit, but something inside said "NO! You can do this... why stop now?! So, I moved fast to get the bike off me, get up and rinsed water over my arm. Thank goodness luck was with me! No poison ivy! Ha-ha-ha... I'm not sure how or why I fell, but I wasn't letting it ruin my day or my ride! Lesson learned... never forget to share your path with your family/ friends, wear gloves, wear longer pants, antibacterial wipes, snacks and lots of water!! :)

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